In late 2015, Global Impact Grid (GIG) has been launched as a nonemployer firm, connecting culturally influential professionals into an adhocracy dedicated to creating positive impact by scaling innovative products and solutions.


Let’s look at these bold terms in more detail, to understand what GIG is, what it is actually offering and how it does it:

Nonemployer Firm

GIG has been formed by a group of entrepreneurs in Berlin, who came together with the common cause of helping entrepreneurs and innovators in amplifying their impact globally. It is a nonemployer firm; it has no employees, but rather a network of experts, providing advisory services in various regions and markets.


GIG connects those experts to other professionals that can be potential clients, partners or experts (on other issues) in a flexible and informal system; in an adhocracy. Illustrating their way of working, founders of GIG quite often refer to the book All Edge (by Clay Spinuzzi). As explained in the book,  “[a]dhocracies ignore the old borders between organizations, between disciplines, between locations, between work and leisure and family. They are enabled by new ICTs, certainly, but they also represent a different kind of work with different values and principles. They aren’t based on hierarchies; they are based on networks that simply route around these old borders, creating new capabilities and new characteristics of work.” (p. 3)

GIG experts are leaders of or connected to one of the global hubs. The hubs are not in the form of physical offices, but rather stand for local contact points.


Positive Impact

While acquiring projects, the must feature GIG founders look for is creation of a positive impact, a value for the community affected by the work. While generating that positive impact, they are guided by the principles and methods of social innovation, social entrepreneurship and responsible management. Indeed, GIG founders have academic and/or professional background in those fields.


“There are various ways to create positive impact. It can be done by developing a new concept, but we believe, there are enough new ideas out there. We see our role in that positive-impact-creation more as multipliers; those who help positive concepts scale” say the GIG founders. Their clients range from individual entrepreneurs to larger organizations and their advisory services cover areas of, among others, planning, promoting, recruiting and finance.

Wanna Be Part of It?

You are at the scaling stage of your business life cycle and need support? You have exceptional expertise and are interested in sharing your knowledge? Contact GIG to become part of the network and benefit from its services.

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